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Original Pencil Drawing - Feathertail Glider
Grimm-Hewitt Art Gallery

Original Pencil Drawing - Feathertail Glider

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'Feathertail Glider' 377mm x 397mm (framed) Pigment Pencil on Bristol Paper

Framed in beautiful sustainably sourced Tasmanian Oak with non-reflective Art Glass.

All original works come with a certificate of acquisition signed by the artist.

Shipping on this original artwork will be calculated with destination in consideration. Payment for delivery can be organised outside of this store.

The feathertail glider, (Acrobates pygmaeus )also known as the pygmy gliding possum, is a marsupial native to eastern Australia. It is the world’s smallest gliding mammal (adults weighing 15g) and is named for its long feather-shaped tail. Their diet consists of insects, plant exudates, pollen, honeydew, nectar, and seeds. The gliders’ long, brushy tongues assist with feeding on pollen — their predominant source of protein — and nectar. They may also feed on pollen that attaches to their fur after contact with flowers. They tend to live in communal groups of between 5 to 30 individuals and the breeding cycle is all year round in the Northern parts and spring, summer to late winter in the South. They have a life expectancy of 4 years in the wild.

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