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'Swamp Wallaby'
Grimm-Hewitt Art Gallery

'Swamp Wallaby'

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Swamp Wallaby

28x 36cm giclee print

Swamp Wallabies are solitary animals. Also known as the black wallaby or black pademelon, they live in the dense understorey of rainforest and woodlands along eastern Australia. This animal is one of a few macropod species with webbed feet. While in the water, these excellent swimmers move with a ‘doggy’ paddle style and are capable of moving their hind legs independently. However, when on land, they are only able to move their legs together. Like many marsupials, female Swamp Wallabies can suckle two joeys of different ages. The pouch life of each joey is eight to nine months, although they may continue to suckle until 15 months of age. The mother has the amazing ability of producing two different types of milk in each teat, intended for babies of different ages. Each of the babies suckles on a different teat, getting the right milk. The adult Swamp Wallaby feeds on a variety of plants including introduced and native shrubs, grasses and ferns. Lifespan is approximately 15 years.

Proceeds of the original artwork was donated to WIRES to support the rescue and rehabilitation of Native Australian Fauna

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